Communication mishaps and fixes


Small and large business, we all have one thing in common; problems with communication with a customer is never going be easy to overlook or deal with, you have to make it right.

A good point in this case is April 1st 2016, and the turn over of Verizon Fios to Frontier.

It happened in California, Texas and Florida.

I happened to be one of those customers.  In our daily life we get emails, lots of them, Verizon was noted for sending them , upgrade this or that, add that, this movie is available tonight, you get the idea. Sandwiched in all these emails was the important information about this change over. I paid close attention to the email about switching over to AOL from Yahoo as emails are something in today’s world we need to communicate.  I did it.  It worked. My phone was linked, everything was fine until April 1st. No emails, at least on my cell phone.  I still had internet , phone and fios TV.  I left my wife the task of dealing with setting up the Frontier account.  I set off for Verizon to find out why my phone wouldn’t get emails.  Verizon’s response (and I am a long time cell phone customer ), “THAT IS NOT OUR PROBLEM, WE DON”T DEAL WITH THAT ANYMORE”. Really bad response. Really angry customer.    Keep in mind, I am the only customer in the store, and it wouldn’t have been a big deal to check out the phone and see what might be the problem.

I came home and my wife stopped what she was doing and dealt with my issue.  It was a “simple” solution; re download the Google Play (which had disappeared), download the AOL app, and make sure my old Verizon email was set up.  I then had emails on my phone. My wife is much better about this technology than I am, like many, I was lost. So a simple solution was available. Why didn’t the Verizon employee help? Who knows, more likely the Verizon Company negative response to customer satisfaction. They are a large company, and the idea of acting human with in the company seems to have been lost amidst the  lines of wireless technology. Customer satisfaction has long been something they threw under the ground and buried.  We may not like, we may hate in fact, but in some cases you know you are stuck with it.

Back to Frontier. My wife like many ran into many problems.  The smooth and seamless transition is not with out a few bumps in the road.  We do have a linked account, we just can’t access it right now.  The email system isn’t working yet, and we haven’t been able to log in properly. All that sounds pretty bad. This is about frustration.  Imagine trying to spend 5 hours trying to link and get your account up and running, and the tech tells you that she can’t connect with you using logmeinrescue because you must have no internet, my wife was working on the internet, and checked Frontier to see if the site was down. It was.  It was almost comical. I said almost. I have been married too long to laugh when my wife has been struggling that long to fix a problem.  She and I both discussed Frontier -Verizon and the problems. This is what we came away with.  She was impressed with Frontier. For one very important reason in business.  They communicated in a human manner which helped to reduce the stress levels. They admitted there were lessons to be learned, problems didn’t fixed right away, but you always got a human response. They made it clear they are trying to work on the problems and get the solutions, and yes, our voice does count.  This was a huge transition. Frontier is not a large company, a growing one, but not large.  Verizon is large.  A lot of changes.  We went from the almost rude, impersonal communication from Verizon to a real human response from Frontier in one day.

Are the problems fixed? Not completely. We are getting there. I can be a whole lot more patient when I have someone to contact who will get back to me, then when I have to figure it out on my own.   Frontier is aware of them now.  Communication is key here. I am still burnt about the Verizon guy, and yes I won’t forget it for a long time.  Verizon could learn a lot about customer’s and communication from Frontier.  I am feeling a whole lot happier about this deal now.

I also learned a great deal this week about communication from this deal.  I like Frontier  a great deal better than Verizon.  They answer to phone.



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